Adult Behind the Wheel Lessons

Receive Private Lessons with a State Licensed Driving Instructor. You choose the number of lessons based on your need and skill level.

Getting an Instruction Permit

  • Students must have an instruction permit before registering for driving lessons.

  • Permits can be obtained from the Secretary of State Driver Services Facility.

  • Study the Rules of the Road Book (See links or Driver Services Facility).

  • Must pass a written and vision test at the State Driver Services Facility to obtain an instruction permit.

Registration and Payment

  • Call to schedule an appointment at our office.

  • We will need a copy of your Illinois Instruction Permit.

  • We will also need the enrollment form turned in signed by the student.

  • The payment for the first lesson is due upon registration and payment is due at the beginning of each additional lesson.

  • We do not guarantee your ability to obtain a Driver's License. Our lessons focus on instruction and education, not passing a driving test.

Schedule Driving Time

Driving times are evenings, weekends, and sometimes during the lunch hour. Please call for availability. We schedule on a "first come, first serve" basis. Some months may be booked. Once we have received the above paperwork, you will be assigned a driving time with an instructor. The first lesson will include thirty minutes of classroom instruction review before getting behind the wheel.