Frequently Asked Questions For Teen Driver Education

1. What is Fisher Driving School?
We are a commercial driving school licensed by the Illinois Secretary of State. The Secretary of State approves all of our programs and curriculum. All of our instructors pass a background check and are tested and licensed by the Secretary of State. After 12 years of teaching Driver Education in the public and private high schools, Chuck Fisher has started his own school.

2. Why do parents and teens choose the Fisher Driving School?
Our Teen Program enables parents and teens to choose when they get their instruction permit. Eligibility is based on age not grade level in school. We are not locked into a semester schedule, we offer classes throughout the year and students can complete the classroom in only 4 weeks. We offer flexible evening and weekend scheduling for Behind-the-Wheel. We also offer Private Lessons for students who desire individual instruction or additional lessons for added experience.

3. At what age can a teen enroll at Fisher Driving School?
The Illinois Secretary of State recommends that students be 15 before the last day of class so that their classroom and Behind-the-Wheel experience work together to enhance their learning experience.

4. Who can enroll in Fisher Driving School's Teen Program?
Any teen who is 15 (or turning 15 before the classroom is completed) and older can enroll in the classroom training. To take the Behind-the-Wheel portion of the program a teen must have an instruction permit.

5. When will a teen get their Instruction (Learner's) Permit?
Instruction Permit applications are issued during the first week of class. The application and a certified copy of their birth certificate, Social Security card and proof of residency and $20.00 can be taken to any Secretary of State Driving Facility to take a written test at your convenience (you must be 15 to obtain a permit).

6. Are absences allowed?
A student is allowed to be absent 3 times, however, it must be made up. A fourth absence will result in being DROPPED from class! NO EXCEPTION!!! While absences are permitted they are strongly discouraged! Remember, time spent in classroom is important. Missed information could affect your grade or your driving experience!! All missed classes must be made up so that the student receives 30 hours of classroom credit.

7. When will Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) lessons be scheduled?
BTW lessons are scheduled following completion of the classroom session at the parents'/students' convenience. We will sit down with you and determine the best time to schedule. Some students may be able to complete BTW while they are in the classroom phase.

8. What happens when our students finish our Teen Program?
They will receive a Letter of Completion from the Secretary of State's office showing they successfully completed Driver's Education. They will also receive a Certificate of Completion from Fisher Driving School with their final grade, which can be taken to their high school for proof of completion.

9. When does the teen get their license?
When they finish our Teen Program, complete 50 hours driving time with an adult, held the permit for 9 months and are 16 years old, they are eligible to take the Driving Test at the Driving Facility. Be sure to take three forms of identification, your permit, your 50-hour certification sheet, the certificate of completion letter from the Secretary of State, the vehicle registration and insurance card.

10. What is taught in the teen program?
Mr. Fisher will use the same materials he developed while teaching in public and private high schools. His method of delivery will lead students to develop safe and sound driving skills for life. A variety of interactive lessons and guest speakers will be used throughout the program. Mr. Fisher's Driver Education programs have received numerous State and National awards for teen safety.