Providing smaller classes does help children focus more than a larger school class setting. This helps separate them from peer pressure situations. Keeping children focused, yet at the same time having fun to break possible tense situations, does help! Thank you for all your time and devotion towards our children’s education. Keep up the great work.

Cynthia Renfro (Parent) School: Normal Community West High School

Thank you Mr. Fisher! We feel that Lizzy and Ethan had a great experience. You were creative in your teaching and also very thorough. Thank you for the twin and group discount and for the flexible time change for the Cornerstone students. We have and will continue to recommend you to friends.

Karen Smart (Parent) School: Cornerstone Christian Academy

We are thoroughly pleased with every aspect of program. My daughter looked forward to every session! Appreciate the extra effort on your part to make this learning experience a fun one.

Sue DeWeert (Parent) School: Calvary Academy

I am thrilled with the amount of patience Mr. Fisher exhibits. My son came home every day with interesting stories and he definitely admired Mr. Fisher. Mr. Fisher treats kids the way they want to be treated – with respect and patience.

Denise Schwenk (Parent) School: Homeschool

Our daughter has enjoyed every day of class. She shares with us the many things she has learned and has become much more observant as a passenger. She is thrilled to have her permit.

Beth Fletcher (Parent) School: Normal Community High School

Chris really enjoyed it. I am impressed with the organization and flexibility of the staff in regard to getting in the BTW hours.

Nancy Braun (Parent) School: University High School

Very informative and you make things fun while we learn. Mr. Fisher is really awesome to drive with and I like the jokes.

Leah Meyers (Student) School: Homeschool

Matt’s education in your class far surpassed that of his older brother who attended a different program.

Kathy Novak (Parent) School: Central Catholic High School

Everyone is very nice at this school. Making things fun while teaching safe driving and Mr. Fisher’s singing is great.

Michael Stoens (Student) School: Homeschool

Samantha has enjoyed this experience and has really grown in confidence as she progressed. Our family would definitely recommend to others.

Mark Weber (Parent) School: Olympia High School

Miranda really enjoyed your class! At first she was a little intimidated but became more comfortable in the class. You make it interesting with personal stories, videos and experiences. Thanks for a job well done!

LeAnne Kaeb (Parent) School: Country Side Private School

Katherine enjoyed the small and informal class. After the first class, she began to observe how we and other drivers drove and use the “Rules of the Road”. We noticed how she became more aware of her environment and the defensive tactics involved with driving. I think she learned that driving is more than going from place to place-it’s a responsibility.

Susan Woollen (Parent) School: Normal Community West High School

Lauren truly enjoyed your classes and based on what she shared after class, it appears your instruction made an impression on her. In other words, she took driving instruction seriously and with the attitude of responsibility. Please revisit the concept that driving is a privilege and not a right.

Cheryl Lynn Tatum (Parent) School: Ridgeview High School

My son really enjoyed Mr. Fisher’s class. He would frequently comment that the subject matter is presented in an engaging and interesting way.

Anita Lee (Parent) School: University High School

My daughter really liked your class. She feels like she learned a lot. You are doing a good job! Thanks.

Julia Moser (Parent) School: Homeschool

Thank you very much! My son feels very prepared for driving and he is confident in understanding the rules of the road.

Dee Dee Stine (Parent) School: Olympia High School

This class was a good experience for Aaron. The teaching was thorough; the time length for classes was good. Chuck was quick to return phone calls. I would gladly recommend your driving school.

Teresa Davis (Parent) School: Homeschool